Aims & Values

Your child will be safe, loved and stimulated in an efficient, well maintained and above all homely environment.

We ensure that children and their families are of paramount concern.

We strive to improve everything we do.

We provide the highest quality learning experiences for all children. That takes account of, and responds to, the child’s interests and developmental needs and allows them to make progress on an individual basis.

We strive to develop strong and trusting relationships with our parents.

We value and nurture children’s curiosity, creativity and desire to make sense of the world. We give time for their thoughts and ideas, and we value their work, their conversations and their feelings.

We recognise and value children’s strengths, interests and learning styles so that they develop in confidence, independence and self-esteem.

We support children in making the transition to the next phase of their education with enthusiasm and confidence following a happy and fun-filled time at South View.

Parent Partnership

At South View Day Nursery we know that you are your child’s first and most enduring educators.

As practitioners we strive to work together with you as parents in order to have a positive impact on your child’s early education. We aim to involve you with your child’s learning, welcome you as an active participant in our nursery and encourage you to express your ideas.

When a child registers at South View Day Nursery we like to gain as much information and knowledge about them as we can so that we can help them settle in as quickly and easily as possible. This information ensures their experience is a happy and enjoyable one and helps us to build a profile of your child to ensure we are meeting all of their needs.

We operate an open door policy – by this we mean that all parents are welcome into the nursery at any time. You may wish to talk to staff about your child or activities within the nursery and we are always ready to listen to you.